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Basic Med & Insurance Implications. Stay Up-To-Date and Get Lower Rates

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

For those of you who do not know, BasicMed is the newly adopted medical certification standard for private pilots that have been included in Part 68 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. These rules have been adopted by the FAA after a long and arduous fight with various aviation groups that were pressing for a third-class medical reform. Here, we are going to take a look at BasicMed and what it means for you.

Flying Under BasicMed

Under the new regulations, pilots who meet the BasicMed requirements are authorized to operate under BasicMed, without the need of having an FAA medical certificate. You can also get further information on BasicMed from or from Aviation Marine if you are in Oakland, California.

Getting Started

To get started go on BasicMed resource center on the EAA website. Here, you will find the three basic requirements of BasicMed. In order to qualify an individual needs to:

1 – Be in compliance with general BasicMed requirements, This basically means you must have a US driver’s license and have had a medical after 2006.

2 – Get a physical exam with a state-licensed physician that needs to follow a comprehensive medical examination checklist that’s also provided on the site.

3 – They must also have taken the complete BasicMed education course to get familiar with the concept. The FAA has approved certain courses that can get pilots acquainted with BasicMed through the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) and Mayo Aerospace.

It is important to note that the form must be completed by a primary care physician that’s on your provider's list and not an occupational medicine clinic. To make sure you don’t make any mistakes, once your annual physical is due, contact a physician on your insurance provider’s network and establish a relationship with them so that they can complete the form to confirm you are fit to fly.

The BasicMed Medical Education Course

Once you have got the annual physical, the last step will be to take the BasicMed medical education course, which is pretty straightforward and easy to complete. BasicMed courses are connected to FAA so you will need to fill out a national driver register authorization form, which gives the FAA permission to check the validity of your driver’s license.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to review and sign (electronically) the statement affirming that you have complied with all BasicMed’s requirements. Next, you will have to fill out a form providing some personal information along with the information that was collected by the physician on page 9 of the CMEC. Mayo offers six educational videos that amount to 70 minutes. After watching the videos in any order there is a 20 question exam that’s not timed but requires at least 70% passing marks, and voila, you’re all set to fly in Oakland, California!

As of May 2017, all private pilots who have held a valid medical certificate anytime in the 10 years prior are eligible to forego the third-class medical process and go with BasicMed. This goes for both regular and special issuance medicals.

Contact Aviation Marine today if you have any questions about BasicMed or how to get affordable insurance.

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