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Our Coverages

Here's what we can protect


Keep safe what matters most to you.


Flying can be risky, because of that, we strive so that you can conduct business and live out your goals without any compromise!

Our Coverages

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Aircraft Hull and Liability

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From a Cessna 172 to a Gulfstream G650 or a Jet Ranger to Huey we have the experience and knowledge to handle any aircraft and pilot you need coverage for.

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Business Operations Insurance

Airport business operations are specific and wide-ranging.  Our depth of experience in aviation gives us the unique experience to anticipate and understand your needs

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Health &


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Group Medical is a valuable asset for the benefit of employees. We can be an effective partner to navigate the complex health insurance marketplace, while providing flexible options.

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Benefiting employees and employers alike, we understand the nuances of this mandatory coverage, and make it simple to understand. We can help you request discounts for safety programs, work with the underwriters to ensure all available credits are applied and work along-side you to keep your audits in line.

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Pilot's Life


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Often overlooked, Life Insurance is not included in an Aircraft Insurance policy, and standard life policies generally exclude aviation operations.  We partner with all companies that can bridge this gap while helping you select a coverage that can help your family if ever needed.

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Drone/UAV Coverage

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This newest segment of the industry is fluid and complex, and will continue to have a profound impact on the industry.  We have experience working with key players in the design, development, and operational space, and can help support and identify effective solutions to your insurance needs.

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Agriculture Aviation is a band of highly skilled pilots committed to the safe application of seed, fertilizer, and disease controlling material in support of healthy and productive agriculture. This highly specialized market has been a key part of our agency since the beginning. Not only do we insure but also participate in the California Aerial Applicator Association as an allied industry representative.


Other coverages we offer

  • Aircraft Liability Insurance

  • Property & In-Land Marine Insurance

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

  • UAV / Drone Insurance

  • U.S. Health / Medical Insurance

  • International Travel Insurance

  • International Student Health Insurance

  • Pilot Life Insurance

  • Pilot Disability / Loss Of Medical Insurance

  • Products / Completed Operations Coverage

  • Cyber-Liability Coverage

  • Directors & Officers Coverage

  • Pollution Coverage

  • Short & Long-Term Disability Coverage

  • Group Dental Insurance

  • Group Vision Insurance

  • Hull & Liability

  • Aerial Applicators

  • Commercial Property

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