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What Are The Ways That I Can Lower My Insurance Cost As A Tailwheel Pilot?

Chris Desmond | Florida - Michigan Ferry Flight

Many pilots who own and fly tailwheel aircraft are aware that the insurance cost for these planes can be quite unforgiving. However, the good news is that those costs can be reduced over time, training and experience. The more proficient you are as a pilot, the less damage you can expect.

To understand how we need to understand how these aircraft work first. Tailwheel landing gear is located under the plane in the undercarriage and it consists of 2 main wheels in front. This includes a small wheel or skid under the tail which supports it. Needless to say, taking off and landing in these tripod-like planes can take everything a pilot has and the inability to do so can lead to high insurance costs.

If you plan on going backcountry flying by yourself, aircraft insurance and flight school policy may dictate the hours you need to fly beforehand. Whether you fly in your own plane or rent one, there are some things you can do to reduce insurance costs such as:

  • Go for wheel landing on large tailwheel planes – Since the plane touches down on a level altitude this will prevent it from bouncing on the runway and getting damaged in the process. Applying brakes on the gear when you touchdown is also a good idea but only if you have the skill for it. By pumping the brakes gently you can prevent the aircraft from flipping over.

  • Keep the tail up – By keeping the tail up while landing you can control the plane better as it touches down. The tail allows directional control when it is up in the air especially in low visibility and windy conditions.

  • CFI Checkout – Each make and model of aircraft has to be checked out by a board-approved instructor and each has its own requirements. Make sure that your aircraft has gone through it to reduce insurance costs.

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